Sunday, November 13, 2022

Are you wearing the wrong shoes?


Tennis or pickleball, you need the right shoes. 

A mistake many make is using running shoes in place of a good court shoe. This decision can have some nasty results. 

Running shoes (and walking shoes) are made to go in one direction, straight ahead. For sports like tennis and pickleball, this is a problem with so much of the movement being side to side. A running shoe’s lack of lateral support can lead to rolled and sprained ankles. If you want to see for yourself, grab a pair of running shoes and see for yourself how much the bend and twist with just your hands. A court shoe for tennis and/or pickleball will be much sturdier, with less flexibility, but way more support for the needs of the court. 

The other issue with running shoes is the soles. Again, they are designed for running straight ahead, not for sudden starts and stops. Court shoes have a firmer sole with a tread pattern designed to grip the court for better stopping and acceleration. 

If comfort or weight is your reason for not getting a court shoe, try on some of the newest shoes. While some are a little heavy, many are very light without sacrificing support and performance, and they even look a little like running shoes. Oh… and they look amazing! 

Stop in and we’d be glad to help you pick the right shoe for your feet, your game and your needs. 

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Are you getting enough depth control?


Power is great, but without control, it’s meaningless.

Are you getting enough control? Not the left/right kind, I mean depth. Are you hitting too many balls long?

One cure for this problem is more topspin. If you hit more flat, or struggle with getting enough spin, there are ways to add depth control through your equipment.

The best way is with your strings. Stringing tighter with your current string will reduce the trampoline effect while reducing depth. You can also switch to a stiffer string. One warning with both options. While adding some depth control, you will also lose some power and add more shock at impact. If going a little tighter or stiffer is not helping, you may need to find a pro to help you add topspin to your shots.

One other possible equipment setup that can cause shots to go long is having a racket with an oversize head. If you’re a hard hitter, you might not need a large head, and going smaller could add some control without sacrificing power or feel.

Stop in and we can help you with some options to improve your control.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Are you getting enough depth on your shots?


Are you hitting your shots deep enough?

If not, you’re probably giving your opponent short balls that they turn into winners. Hitting the ball deep forces your opponent to cover more ground and keeps them at the baseline where, for most amateurs, it’s tougher to hit clean winners. Hitting deep balls also gives you more time to set up for the return shot.

But how to get more depth?

We see several things that can rob you of depth. Strings can be that cause in several ways. One is stringing your racket too tight. This reduces the trampoline effect at impact, taking away depth and even spin potential. Lower tensions can also reduce shock at impact, reducing stress on your arm.

Another potential cause is using to stiff of a string. While poly strings are great for durability, they are stiff and not very elastic. This again reduces the trampoline effect, making you swing harder without getting the depth you need.

One other equipment related reason you’re not getting the depth you want is your racket. A racket with a small head reduces the trampoline effect, and while good for big hitters, could rob you of more depth and power.

Stop in and we’d be glad to help you pick the right string and tension for your game, and with our Racket Demo Program, a racket better suited to your game.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Are You Using the Right String?

 Are you using the right string? 

Are you getting a good combination of power and control? Are your strings causing discomfort in your arm?

Picking the right string is a matter of finding a balance that works for you from several factors.

Power vs control

Comfort vs durability

Less shock vs tight feel

Weighing these factors and knowing what you want/need will help you find a combination that will help you play better. Once you know what the best string is, you can further customize through tension.

We have a vast selection of strings. Stop by and let us know what is most important in the above questions and we can help you pick a string and tension that best fits your needs.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Is it OK to Go Over Max Tension?


Is it ok to go over the maximum recommended tension on my racket?

We get asked that question often by people looking to gain more control, and the answer is yes,

but only slightly.

First of all, there are negatives to stringing really tight, including, more shock on your arm,

loss of power and loss of spin. Before going to max tension, the potential loss of power and spin

should be weighed against any added control you might gain.

As for going over the max tension, the range given for your racket is where you'll get the best

overall playability. Going over by a few pounds isn't going to do too much harm to the racket

and can be done. If you feel the need to go over by more than 5lbs, there may be better ways

to increase your control. The first is switching to a stiffer string that will give you the tighter

feel without going crazy on the tension. Most polyester strings can be strung at fairly low

tensions for increased spin potential, without giving up much control. For many wanting

control, this is a great option.

The other option to consider is getting a less powerful racket. This will allow you to string

at tensions that will allow you to swing away with less fear of hitting shots long. With the

design of many of these type rackets, you can also gain some spin potential and more pop

on your shots, and not give up the control you need.

If you’re looking for more control, stop by the store and we’d be glad to go over the best

options for you and your game.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Need More Power?


Are you feeling like you just aren't getting enough power and depth on your shots? It could be your strings.

There are several factors that could lead to a power loss from your strings.

  1. Stiff strings - for some, a stiff poly string, while durable, just doesn't return enough energy back to the ball at impact. Softer, more elastic strings can give you more depth and pop on your shots.
  2. Strings to tight - the tighter your strings are, the less they can give and return that energy. This means more control for many, but less power and depth.
  3. Strings are old - after a while, strings go dead. They lose their ability to "snap back" at impact, reducing depth, power and spin potential. A good rule of thumb for most is restring as many times in a year as you play in a week.
There are other things that can cause a reduction in power such as using dead balls, but quite often, the strings are the culprit. 
A MP Tennis & Sports we have a huge selection of strings to choose from, Bring your racket in and we can take a look at your current strings and make suggestions based on your needs. Our ultimate goal is to help you play better, and the right strings and tension will go a long way toward that goal.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Can Strings & Tension Help With Tennis Elbow?

Can a change in your strings or tension help with tennis elbow?
Yes, they can. But there is a catch.
If you have elbow pain from playing tennis, going to a softer string or a lower tension can help reduce some of the shock you may feel at impact. They can also add some depth to your shots with less effort. This will reduce the need to overswing, which can cause some arm issues.
Here is the catch. Strings and tension will not cure tennis elbow. Often the root cause of tennis elbow is in the technique of your swing through impact. Many times it is being to wristy, causing a strain in the elbow. To eliminate tennis elbow, a lesson on the proper technique would be the way to go. If you are just looking for some added comfort at impact, strings and tension can do the trick.
Stop in and we can help you choose the right combination.