Friday, January 30, 2015

Want More Power? It Could Be Your Strings

There are many ways that strings can be the reason you aren’t getting the power and depth on shots that you would like. Among them are:

  • Wrong string – While polyester strings are popular for their durability and use on the tour, it isn’t a string for everyone. For hard hitters, polyester strings have plenty to offer, but if its power you’re looking for, try something softer that will add depth to your shots. Softer strings will also be easier on the arm.
  • Wrong tension – Many players we string for have found there are benefits to a lower tension, power and spin. Too many players think that tighter equals power. Lower tension allows the string to give at impact and return that energy to the ball, adding power and depth on your shots.
  • Old strings – We see many people who leave their strings in far too long. At some point, strings simply can’t return the same amount of energy as they did when they were fresher. This robs your racket of the power it should have.

The only part of the racket that should come into contact with the ball is the strings. The wrong string, tension, or old strings can take power and spin potential and comfort away from you. The thing is, everyone is different. How you play and what racket you play with will determine what the right string and tension is right for you.

Stop by either MP Tennis location and we can help you find the combination that will have you hitting your best.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Want More Power? Go Bigger.

Last year, Roger Federer changed his racket and saw almost immediate results. If one of the all time greats can gain from switching to a larger head, what might a larger head do for your game?
We see many players who wonder why they are not getting the desired power from their racket. Most of the time, they are using an old racket with a 90 or 95 square inch head. If you don’t swing hard enough, no string or tension is going to add enough power to rackets with those size heads.
The answer is, like Federer, to make the move to a larger head size.
Don’t get us wrong, there is such a thing as too big for many players. Most won't need anything larger than a 105 and quite often, a 100. The difference in going from a 90 or 95 to a 100 will be a larger sweet spot, more spin potential, and more power with less effort. Going to a larger head size allows many to make a more natural swing and generate the same amount of power and spin without having to over swing.
If you are looking for more power with less effort, come in and check out all of the new 2015 models. If you haven’t hit a new racket in many years, you will be surprised by how much more power you can get from a racket without having to go to a huge head size. Many of the 100sq” rackets have a great deal of “pop” without feeling like you have to give up a bunch of control.
Bring your current racket by and we can show you some rackets that will give you the extra power you want, and with our demo program, you can try them before you buy them
Why not get more power in the new year?