Saturday, July 15, 2017

New Head Extreme Rackets at MP Tennis & Sports

Now available at MP Tennis & Sports at our Dale Mabry Store is Head's new Graphene Touch Extreme rackets. There are two rackets in the new Extreme series, the MP and the Lite. Both feature the same Graphene Touch technology which gives players a great feeling racket with the perfect combination of power and comfort. They also have Head's '360 Spin Grommets' that allow the the strings added ability to move for greater power and snap back for increased spin potential.
Head has given the new Extremes a more conventional head shape. In past versions, the head shape was very round, which some players found difficult to get used to. The new, oval shape is more common and gives the Extremes a more conventional look and feel.
The MP version has enough weight for the big hitters and plenty of spin potential and is a great choice for aggressive base line hitters.
The Lite is, like it's name says, a lighter option for players who want the performance but need less weight for more racket speed and maneuverability.
In the short time they have been out, the feedback on the new Extremes has been very positive. People who have tried the demos have like the power/control mix and have commented about the very solid feel.
If you'd like to try them, stop by our Dale Mabry store and start our demo program. You can call us at 813-961-8844 if you have any questions.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Beating the Heat on the Court

Not sure about where you're at, but here in Tampa, it is HOT!
Playing tennis in Tampa this time of year creates several issues for those willing to take on the heat.
One of the biggest problems is worn out grips. When you are sweating buckets, your hands and grip are going to get wet. If you are using a worn out grip, it's even worse. Here at MP Tennis & Sports, we often see rackets that have broken after slipping out of someone's hand and sent slamming into the court. A new grip or overgrip will help this problem quite a bit. For those who sweat a lot, something like a tacky-towel or grip enhancement gel can increase your ability to keep the racket from slipping.
Another problem is what to do with your racket when not on the court. Just about the worse thing you can do is leave it in your car all day. I won't go into how hot it can get in a car, in Florida, in summer, but it is very hot. 
The heat can damage your frame and cause your string to lose tension prematurely. Both things will reduce the performance and how well you play. Keep your racket inside whenever possible, or at the very least, have them in a bag with a thermal protective pocket for the rackets. 
Doing these things will help increase your racket's life span and have you playing better tennis.
Come into MP Tennis & Sports and we can help you select the right grips and even put them on while you wait. Stop by our store at 14845 N. Dale Mabry Hwy in Tampa and we'd be happy to help.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Big Things Coming to MP Tennis...& Sports!

Since 1998, MP Tennis served the Tampa tennis community with equipment from the top brands in the sport and professional service to help our customers select the right things for them. We take pride in helping people play better tennis, and though our league, The MP Tennis Ladder, more tennis.
Over the years we have applied the same formula of service and selection to racquetball and pickleball. 
Now, in late summer 2017, we will be adding new sports to our store. Baseball and softball.
We will offer brands like Wilson, Louisville Slugger, DeMarini and EvoShield and will offer the same level of service to help players pick the best product for them.
Check out our website at for updates on when the new bats, gloves and more will be available.
We are still MP Tennis, only now it's, 
MP Tennis & Sports.