Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Head Extremes

The new Head Extreme rackets are the perfect choice for players who hit with power and spin. It's the stiffest Extreme to date, which gives it more power, spin and touch. Head's Graphene XT technology moves the weight where it does you the most good. The rounder head shape gives the spin you need to hit more winners.
The Extremes come in three different weights, including the Extreme MPA, which gives you the option of two different string patterns depending on how much spin or control you are looking for.
Stop by either MP Tennis store to give the new Extremes a try.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Get Your Racket Ready For Summer

With summer right around the corner, this is the perfect time to make sure your racket is ready to take the heat.
There are few things worse than having your racket slip from your hand. It really gets bad if it cracks from the impact with the court or something (or someone) else. Most often, when a customer shows us a racket that has slipped out of their hand, the grip was slick, worn out, still soaked with sweat, or all of the above.
To make your summer tennis more enjoyable, you can try one of several things to help keep your racket from slipping.
  • New replacement grip – we can replace the base grip on your racket in a matter of minutes for just the cost of the grip. There are several new grips that both absorb and remain tacky for a fantastic feel.
  • New over grip – if you prefer the feel of an over grip, we have plenty to choose from, running the spectrum from very tacky to dry-feeling and absorbent. Like replacement grips, we will be glad to put a new over grip on while you wait.
  • PrinceGrip Plus – basically, this is an antiperspirant for your hands. You simply apply some as needed and it will keep your hands feeling dry, giving you a better grip of your racket.
  • Rosin Bags – if you’ve watched a baseball game, you have probably seen the pitcher tossing a rosin bag in his pitching hand. For players who don’t have excessively sweaty hands, this can be a great option to help keep your hands dry.
  • Tacky Towels – for players who like a very tacky grip, the Tacky Towels are great. Just use it on your grip and it will give you a sticky, yet secure feel on your grip.

Check your rackets and if they are looking worn, feeling slick or smooth, or worst of all, coming apart in your hand (turning your hands the color of the grip), it is time to get it replaced. Don’t wait until it really starts to slip. Stop by either MP Tennis store and we’ll put a new one on while you wait.

Monday, March 30, 2015

More Power from Poly? Get Thinner.

With their popularity never greater, more people are turning to polyester for the added durability it offers. For some players, poly is just too stiff, particularly in the 16 or even 17 gauges. Along with the stiffness, polys can also rob you of some power.
The answer for some may be to go thinner.
Some of the poly strings such as Babolat Pro Hurricane and Solinco Tour Bite come in a thinner 18 gauge, and in the case of the Solinco, a 19 gauge. What this does for some players is add overall playability to the strings. All things being equal, a thinner string will give you more bite on the ball, more power and better feel. This makes the poly more of a possibility for more players.
The only drawback is as you go thinner you will lose some durability. That said, a thin poly is most often more durable than many multifilament strings.

If you want some extra durability from your strings without making them feel like a board, try a thinner gauge string.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

MP Tennis Ladder Starts 3/16

The 31st season of the MP Tennis Ladder will begin on Monday, March 16th. The Ladder is a Tampa tennis league that is open to men and women of all levels.
The great thing about the MP Tennis Ladder is that you can play as much as you want. Some players have played as many as 80-100 matches in a season, but the average is 15-20. You schedule your own matches and play when you can. At the end of the regular season the top players advance to the playoffs. The MP Tennis Ladder is basically a season-long “king of the hill”.
For more information on the ladder and how to join, go to http://www.mptennis.com/mptennis-ladder.html

If you are looking to play more tennis, the Ladder is a perfect way to meet other players and get more matches. Last season there was over 1,000 matches played. Join the MP Tennis Ladder and join the fun.

Friday, March 6, 2015

New Wilson Rackets at MP Tennis

Now at MP Tennis are the new Wilson Two BLX and Four BLX rackets. They join the already popular Three BLX, Five BLX and Five BLX Lite. Like the Three and Fives, the new models are designed for players who are looking for a very solid hitting frame with plenty of power.
The new Two BLX has a 110sq” head size and is very light for those players who want maximum power from an easy to swing frame.
The Four BLX is for players who need extra pop from their racket without going to a huge head size. With a 105sq” head it is still forgiving while offering some control to go with the power.

Come into either MP Tennis location and use our demo program to make sure you are getting the right racket for your game.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Want More Power? It Could Be Your Strings

There are many ways that strings can be the reason you aren’t getting the power and depth on shots that you would like. Among them are:

  • Wrong string – While polyester strings are popular for their durability and use on the tour, it isn’t a string for everyone. For hard hitters, polyester strings have plenty to offer, but if its power you’re looking for, try something softer that will add depth to your shots. Softer strings will also be easier on the arm.
  • Wrong tension – Many players we string for have found there are benefits to a lower tension, power and spin. Too many players think that tighter equals power. Lower tension allows the string to give at impact and return that energy to the ball, adding power and depth on your shots.
  • Old strings – We see many people who leave their strings in far too long. At some point, strings simply can’t return the same amount of energy as they did when they were fresher. This robs your racket of the power it should have.

The only part of the racket that should come into contact with the ball is the strings. The wrong string, tension, or old strings can take power and spin potential and comfort away from you. The thing is, everyone is different. How you play and what racket you play with will determine what the right string and tension is right for you.

Stop by either MP Tennis location and we can help you find the combination that will have you hitting your best.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Want More Power? Go Bigger.

Last year, Roger Federer changed his racket and saw almost immediate results. If one of the all time greats can gain from switching to a larger head, what might a larger head do for your game?
We see many players who wonder why they are not getting the desired power from their racket. Most of the time, they are using an old racket with a 90 or 95 square inch head. If you don’t swing hard enough, no string or tension is going to add enough power to rackets with those size heads.
The answer is, like Federer, to make the move to a larger head size.
Don’t get us wrong, there is such a thing as too big for many players. Most won't need anything larger than a 105 and quite often, a 100. The difference in going from a 90 or 95 to a 100 will be a larger sweet spot, more spin potential, and more power with less effort. Going to a larger head size allows many to make a more natural swing and generate the same amount of power and spin without having to over swing.
If you are looking for more power with less effort, come in and check out all of the new 2015 models. If you haven’t hit a new racket in many years, you will be surprised by how much more power you can get from a racket without having to go to a huge head size. Many of the 100sq” rackets have a great deal of “pop” without feeling like you have to give up a bunch of control.
Bring your current racket by and we can show you some rackets that will give you the extra power you want, and with our demo program, you can try them before you buy them
Why not get more power in the new year?