Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Wilson Blades for 2015

New in 2015 from Wilson are new versions of their popular Blade rackets.
Like previous versions, the new Blades are designed for today’s big hitting, aggressive game with the control an attacking player expects. The Blades have Parallel Drilling of the string holes for a larger sweet spot and Braided Graphite + Basalt which gives them better feel and control.
The new Blades are available in four versions.
·        Blade 98 18x20 – Has a dense string pattern for maximum control and a traditional feel.
·        Blade 98 16x19 – A more open string pattern gives a more forgiving feel.
·        Blade 98S – An open, 18x16 string pattern for more spin and lighter weight makes it the most powerful Blade.
·        Blade 104 – It’s ½ inch longer with a larger head size for a bigger sweet spot.

The new Wilson Blades will be available on January 15th.

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