Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Get Your Racket Ready For Summer

With summer right around the corner, this is the perfect time to make sure your racket is ready to take the heat.
There are few things worse than having your racket slip from your hand. It really gets bad if it cracks from the impact with the court or something (or someone) else. Most often, when a customer shows us a racket that has slipped out of their hand, the grip was slick, worn out, still soaked with sweat, or all of the above.
To make your summer tennis more enjoyable, you can try one of several things to help keep your racket from slipping.
  • New replacement grip – we can replace the base grip on your racket in a matter of minutes for just the cost of the grip. There are several new grips that both absorb and remain tacky for a fantastic feel.
  • New over grip – if you prefer the feel of an over grip, we have plenty to choose from, running the spectrum from very tacky to dry-feeling and absorbent. Like replacement grips, we will be glad to put a new over grip on while you wait.
  • PrinceGrip Plus – basically, this is an antiperspirant for your hands. You simply apply some as needed and it will keep your hands feeling dry, giving you a better grip of your racket.
  • Rosin Bags – if you’ve watched a baseball game, you have probably seen the pitcher tossing a rosin bag in his pitching hand. For players who don’t have excessively sweaty hands, this can be a great option to help keep your hands dry.
  • Tacky Towels – for players who like a very tacky grip, the Tacky Towels are great. Just use it on your grip and it will give you a sticky, yet secure feel on your grip.

Check your rackets and if they are looking worn, feeling slick or smooth, or worst of all, coming apart in your hand (turning your hands the color of the grip), it is time to get it replaced. Don’t wait until it really starts to slip. Stop by either MP Tennis store and we’ll put a new one on while you wait.

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