Friday, November 4, 2016

New Rackets for Big Hitters

It’s the perfect time to be a big hitter looking for a new racket. There are great new rackets from Babolat, Head and Wilson, all designed for aggressive styles and powerful swings.
From Wilson comes the upgraded Blade series. Besides having a clean new look, most new Blades feature Countervail, Wilson’s newest racket technology. Countervail is a special carbon fiber that transfers less of the ball’s energy to the player, allowing them to expend less energy  during each swing while offering an incredible feel. This reduces muscle fatigue and helps shorten recovery time.
Countervail is available in the 98S, 98 16x19 & 18x20. It will also be available in the new Serena Williams racket, the SW104 Autograph, coming in January.

            Head has a new version of Novak Djokovic’s racket, the Speed Pro and the other Speed series frames. The new Speeds use Graphene Touch, the latest Graphene material to improve the feel and reduce shock, without compromising the power. Head describes the frames as having “less shock, more wow”.
            The Speeds are available in Novak’s Speed Pro, which has an 18x20 string pattern for optimal control. The Speed MP has the same great feel with a little less weight and a more open string pattern. The Speed S is for players who want a light, more powerful frame.

            From Babolat, comes a new and improved Pure Strike line of rackets. Besides a fantastic new look, the Strikes offer hard hitting, aggressive players a racket with more precision and speed. The more open string patterns help in adding more power and spin while the new design gives greater stability at impact for more precise shots.
            Currently, the Pure Strikes come in three versions. The Pure Strike 16x19 has a slightly smaller, 98sq” head, for players who want a little more control and precision. The Pure Strike 100 and Pure Strike Team both feature 100sq” head sizes for added power. The Team is a little lighter for those who don’t want or need the added weight. Babolat has three more Pure Strikes coming in January.

            All three companies have great options for players who like to take big swings, but want a balance of power and control. Which one is right for you? Come in to our Dale Mabry location and with our Demo Program, you can try them out to find the one that will have you playing your best tennis.

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