Friday, June 2, 2017

A "softer" Poly Option

So you break strings pretty quick, but still want something that is fairly easy on the arm? There are some options for you now days.
First of all, poly strings have become popular due to its durability, but for many, it comes with a cost. Poly strings are generally very stiff, which creates a tight, unforgiving feel to the string bed. While some players do hit with enough power to make poly strings give, most players do not. This inability to make the string give enough at impact creates more shock to the arm.
A possible answer for players who like the durability of poly, but not the extra shock is a new breed of polys designed to be “softer” and easier on the arm (note - most non-polys will be softer than the softest poly).
Here are a few of this new breed of poly strings that offer a better feel and extra pop.
  • Luxilon Element - The Element is different in construction than most polys. Rather than being a solid core, it has what Luxilon calls “multi-mono”, which is several strands forming the core of the string. This gives Element more elasticity which increases ball-pocketing, power and gives it a better, less shocking feel.
  • Luxilon 4G Soft -  This is a softer version of their 4G strings, which hold tension better than the average poly string. It still has great control, but is a more arm-friendly option than the standard 4G strings.
  • Babolat RPM Team - The RPM Team has the same exterior features of RPM Blast, but the core of the string is made differently to add flexibility. This allows for more give at impact, which absorbs the shock better and is easier on the arm, without sacrificing durability.

One thing to keep in mind with poly strings. While the do break less often, they generally do not hold tension as well as other string construction. If you get to the one-year mark on a set of poly, chances are, the performance has diminished, robbing you of power and feel. It is still a good idea to change your strings as many times in a year as you play in a week.

Come in and we can help you choose the string and tension that will best fit your game.  

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